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I Joist floor system
Ever since its introduction to the UK, Griggs have been involved in the design and supply of this revolutionary range of products.

Timber I Joist flooring
We have been suppliers of this type of product since 1997 and have developed our design team rapidly since then. Our team of dedicated designers are trained to use design and drafting software to the very highest standard and can produce full layouts, details and schedules to make the installation of your engineered floor or roof system easy and hassle free.
We are also willing to advise you on the best design for your project based on the level of floor performance that you specifically require.


We provide very high levels of design, manufacture and on-site service.

Our experienced team can attend site to train your carpenters on the correct method of installation and are always available to answer your specific questions.

Our substantial stocks ensure that we can turn your project from feasibility to reality in a time scale to suit you.

We stock most sizes as well as all of the necessary ancillary items such as metalwork, noggins and hangers.

Our aim is to make specifying, purchasing and installing a "I" Joist Floor system a completely hassle free experience.

I Joist floor

Engineered flooring system


All of our engineered floors and roofs are delivered to your site as a complete structural package.

We always include all Joists or rafters (in lengths up to 14m), trimmers, noggins, hangers, backer/filler blocks, restraint straps and temporary bracing and can also deliver your floor deck with the joists if required, allowing you to complete the floor platform in the fastest time possible.

All dimensionally specific items will arrive on site cut to length and labelled with their own individual code.

Our schedules even state which hanger is to be attached to which joists!.

In addition to this, all Floors are delivered wrapped to temporarily protect them from the weather, accompanied by further layout drawings, schedules and Builders Installation Guides to ensure there are absolutely no hold ups on site.

For more information on any of our Engineered Timber Products please contact:
Further details about Joist Floor Systemscan be found here: www..finnforest.co.uk