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Payments & terms

I have accepted your quotation, what are your payment terms and how do I proceed?

If you have an account with us we need an order number/acceptance email and approved signed layout drawing.

If you are a cash cutomer we will need payment in full as well as approved signed layout drawings.

Do you supply calculations?

Yes. Once we receive payment/order and approval we can release the calculations.

Design, Fabrication & Delivery

Do you allow for tank loads on the trusses?

We can allow for tank loading. Please specify when making an enquiry if you need us to do so.

If I decide to install PV panels, would the trusses be able to take the loading?

We can allow for PV panels. Please specify the desired position of the PV panels and we will design the trusses with the additional loadings.

If I accept my quotation today, when can you deliver?

Our lead time vary depending on our current order scheduel. We aim to keep it to within 4 weeks where possible.

Can I expect any delays to my delivery date once we placed an order?

We do all we can to keep to the agreed delivery date, however unforseen circumstances could delay your delivery such as stock shortages, employee sickness, vehicle maintenance, machinery breakdowns. We try to minimise this wherever possible.

We will communicate any delays as soon as possible to give you the most notice if you need to make other arrangements.

Do I need people/machinery to offload the lorry myself?

We do have a crane mounted vehicle, however, it is not guaranteed we will be using this lorry on your delivery. Our transport manager will be in touch before delivery to make arrangements. If we can't make use of the high-up lorry, you as customer will be responsible for offloading your goods.

Can I drill a hole in my I-joist to allow For piping/services?

Please contact you designer so that we can do a hole check at you desired position.


What sort of accreditation do you have?

All trusses and joists are manufactured to current Euro Code and NHBC standards.

Trusses are manufactured under new UKCA standards, this ensures continued quality.