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griggs block Space Joists

  • Long spans – longer spans are achievable in comparison to solid timber. This may eliminate the need to load bearing internal walls – and reduce the overall cost of a building
  • Reduced wastage – pre-manufactured joists eliminate the need for on site alterations
  • Flexible design – Spacejoist can be designed top hung to eliminate the rim board in timber frame construction, improving air tightness and reducing thermal bridging
  • Acoustic performance – Spacejoist not only comfortably passes English & welsh 40dB regulations, but it even complies with the more stringent 43dB Scottish regulations without additional insulation, plasterboard or resilient bars
  •  Fire performance – Space joist category C open web floor solution is approved by the Structural Timber Association in their product paper 4 as an acceptable option to achieve a fire robust solution during the construction process
  • Easy handling – the lightweight Spacejoists can be moved on site without the need for crane hire
  • Wide nailing surface – with a minimum chord width of 72mm, fixing floor and ceiling materials is quicker and easier
  • Quality – being manufactured off site, the Spacejoist ensures consistency of quality and reliability
  • Open Web design – fast and simple installation of services without the need for drilling or notching
  • Attic bottom chords – Spacejoists can be incorporated into attic truss bottom chords and achieve greater spans, deeper insulation and provide a service void

griggs block Save time & money

Space joist metal open web floor solutions – saves both time and money!