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griggs block Timber Machining

What is machined timber? Timber that has been cut and measured into a specific profile or length is called machined timber. Additionally, it can be painted, stained, or treated. 

It allows us to provide a unique service to give you an opportunity to create any project you want. 

Turning, milling and drilling are the three primary types of timber machining. Other processes can also be characterised as machining, however, turning, milling, and drilling represent the majority of modern machining techniques.


Drilling is a type of machining in which holes are drilled into the raw material. One of the most traditional methods of machining uses a drill press, but thanks to modern techniques and technology, drilling is now far more sophisticated than it was when drill presses were operated by workers. The latest sieve can be made with significant ease due to the accuracy and development of modern drilling techniques, which can be controlled by computers to drill intricate holes in materials.



Making holes in materials using a rotating tool is a technique called milling. In milling, a rotating cutting tool is used against a clamped-down piece of material rather than spinning the material against a stationary cutting tool, as in turning. Unlike drilling, milling uses equipment that enables a variety of shapes to be cut, including cutting raw materials in half and adding special cuts.



Turning is a type of machining in which the tool is spun against another tool that either cuts or shaves the raw material. While turning may resemble using a lathe (a form of machining used in the woodworking industry), turning does not involve human control of the tool. Computers can control the tool that moulds the material after it has been turned, increasing safety and precision.

With our own large mill on site, we offer a full saw-milling and machining service to our customers. No order is too big or too small, and we can machine most profiles to order.

We can provide Sawdust on request for horse bedding or pets. For pricing please contact our office.

Our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to discuss your requirements with you – we are always happy to help!

griggs block Treatment & priming

Our busy treatment plant pressure treats timber with Protim ME7. This is a tried and trusted method of preserving timber against fungal decay and insect attack for internal and external timbers in above ground applications. We also stock a range of tanalised timber which is ideal for external use and can be used in most applications.

We also offer a wood priming service to prepare your timber surface for a variety of coatings. Our priming services will seal the timber, preventing dust ingress and moisture penetration and provide a clean surface for the adhesion of your coatings. It also provides a barrier layer between your coating and the timber helping to prevent absorption of the surface coating directly into the material. Please contact the sales team.