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griggs block Composite Decking

Composite decking is the perfect alternative to timber, available in solid and hollow profiles, as well as Infinity™, the latest and most superior co-extruded composite range designed for outdoor as well as indoor use.

Both range options are available in a variety of colours, finishes and dimensions, to cater for your style and specific application.

Infinity™ has been created using the latest in co-extruded bamboo-plastic technology. Infinity™ combines the beauty and vivid colours of natural timber giving you the ultimate in ultra-low maintenance decking materials, which includes a 25 year limited warranty.

The Infinity™ range has a unique wood grain and infinitely variable colour surface finish. Infinity™ is available in 4 colours. All colours and finishes in the Infinity™ range are sold at the same price.

griggs block Recycled and sustainable

Not a single tree has ever been cut down for the purpose of producing our range of boards.

Our products are made up of 60% bamboo fibres and 40% recycled plastics, that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Our products are free of toxic chemicals and preservatives normally used for the treatment of natural timber.

In our factory nothing is ever wasted. This means that every bit of left over product is put back into the manufacturing line to be recycled and made into something new.