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griggs block Timber frames

Although we have a standard Timber Frame specification nothing is set in stone. We are completely adaptable and will supply as much, or as little of the structure as you require. We normally provide a quotation based on two options,

  1. The timber frame houses structural pack
  2. The timber frame houses secondary pack

Our timber frame houses structural pack

Includes soleplates (complete with fixing angles and DPC), external and internal wall panels, timber engineered floor "I" joists system as standard, chipboard decking, plasterboard and service noggins, spandrel panels, structural roof (including trusses, gable ladders and bracing), fascias, barge board and soffit ply, stainless steel brickwork wall ties, Joinery fixing batten/cavity closer and layout plans complete with all structural calculations.

Our Timber Frame secondary pack

Includes internal door linings complete with stops, window boards, architrave, skirting, insulation (to roof, external and bathroom walls), vapour barrier, fire stops, water storage tank stand, airing cupboard slats and runners and roof access trap.

Specialist items such as external joinery, stairs and internal doors can be supplied if specifically requested and we can also arrange for the erection of your structural timber frame if required.

One of the main reasons for using timber frame for the construction of your building is the speed with which the project can be completed. That is why we concentrate on keeping our delivery period short so that you can utilise this benefit to the full. We see no point in specifying a speedy construction method if it will take 16 or 18 weeks to have your timber frame delivered!

Just supply your approved architectural planning drawings - and we will take it on from there. We can offer the complete package, Quotation, Specification, Design, and Manufacture, all to the latest codes of practice and all certified to NHBC standards.

griggs block Personal touch

A substantial amount of our timber frame orders are from customers who have used us before and have come back for more! Our high levels of service and our personal touch really make all the difference. As we are also dealers in timber engineered "I" joist floor systems and manufacture our own roof trusses we are not reliant on any third party for any part of your structure which means that when we promise something will happen - it does!