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Find a range of useful resources to help with your timber construction needs. Our downloads include brochures, technical specifications, and other helpful guides to assist you with your project.

Our range of timber products and services is designed to meet the needs of our clients, from timber frame buildings to engineered joists, roof trusses, and composite decking. Our team of skilled and experienced designers is on hand to provide the right solutions for your project, and we are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our clients.

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From Strength to strenght

As we’ve grown, we have invested. Our in-house team of skilled and experienced designers enable us to provide the right solutions for our clients’ projects.

We have a workplace that attracts and retains the best employees. The dedication, skill, and integrity of each of our employees, and their unique contributions mean that you can count on us for all your timber construction needs, from floor to roof, and the walls in between!

Engineered Joists

Timber Frames

Oak Frames & Buildings

Composite Decking

Roof Trusses

Space Joists

Timber Machining

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