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griggs block  Services

  • Bespoke timber machining

There is nothing we can’t produce. We are specialists in timber engineering, and we are pleased to provide you with a wide range of unique services.

  • Timber treatment

Protect and extend the service life of your timber constructions by providing the right treatments and long-term protection against weather conditions, water, or insect attacks. 

  • Timber priming

Before applying paint to wood, a wood primer is used as an undercoat or a preparatory coating. Using a wood primer boosts the paint job's durability, provides greater surface adhesion and helps protect the wood being painted.

  • Sheet material cutting

Don’t worry about dust, finding the right tools, doing measures, or anything else that requires sheet cutting. We can cut Plywood, MDF, and Chipboard according to your specific needs. 

  • Supply & erect service

If you’re looking for timber frame erection services, then look no further. We can help you with manufacturing, supply, and erection.

  • Quotation services

Planning a timber frame building? Ask for professional advice and a quote today and get the best personal offer.

Oak is one of the most durable and long-lasting building materials. It is fast and easy to construct, eco-friendly, and energy efficient. 

griggs block Bespoke offering

We offer bespoke solutions for roof, flooring and timber frame house designs. We can also offer advice on the best design for your project based on the level of performance that you specifically require for your roof or floor.

We can turn your project from feasibility to reality in a time scale to suit you. We also keep a stock of several joists sizes as well as all the necessary ancillary items such as metalwork and hangers.